About BLSC


  • Solidarity embracing workers around the world stuggling against their bosses.
  • Support for social ownership and democratic control of wealth.
  • Opposition to capitalism and imperialism.
  • Advocating rank-&-file controlled industrial unions to fight the day to day struggle against the capitalists and to carry on production once capitalism shall have been overthrown.
  • Opposition to racism, xenophobia, sexism, and all forms of bigotry.
  • Support for worker controlled co-ops.
  • Support for class struggle as the way to a better society.


We are putting on a series of educational programs.  We encourage workplace organizing and also engage in strike support.  We stand willing to work with anyone interested in fighting the boss.



A potential new member must attend and participate in two business meetings and apply to be a member. Members meeting in executive session will then discuss the application and vote on the applicant, a simple majority of members voting being necessary for admission. The treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of membership and standing. Dues are $5 /month whether the member is in attendance or not. Failure to pay dues for three months will place a member in bad standing.


The treasurer will be elected at the June meeting for a one year term.


Any member making an accusation against another member must provide written charges against the accused and be prepared to submit evidence in support of the accusation.

Any member against whom an accusation is made shall receive due process including to be presented with a written version of the charges; the right to confront the accuser including the right to cross-examine her or him; the right to call witnesses and present evidence; and the time to prepare a defense.

Accusations may be heard by an investigative committee and must be adjudicated by the membership.


Four members shall constitute a quorum at the monthly meeting to conduct official business.