Railroad Workers and Friends:
Please come on out for an open air demonstration to protest the latest anti-union and anti-worker antics of the White House and Congress. Rail workers have been fighting for a decent contract that includes scheduled time off and sick leave provisions. The majority have rejected a contract, and now the government is attempting to mandate it through legislation. This is not acceptable!
President Biden is visiting JFK Library in Boston Friday for an event. A number of local groups are coming together to show him that we are not happy with this behavior!!

Day & Time: Friday 12/2 Picket starting 11:30am, Rally starting 12pm. Estimated end is 1:30pm.

Location: Biden will be visiting JFK Library for an event. The picket and rally will be held at the corner of University Drive North and Colombia Point, on the parking lot side. 

Transit:  Take the Red Line to the JFK/UMASS stop and follow signage to the ground level bus shelters. Catch the Paul Revere Route 1 shuttle bus, provided by the University of Massachusetts Boston free of charge. Exit the bus at the Kennedy/Archives stop located at the end of the JFK Library and Museum’s parking lot. Visitors can track shuttle buses at

Parking: May be limited or blocked off for security purposes. 

Hope to see you all there!!

Railroad Workers United

Solidarity — Unity — Democracy

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