The Teamsters-UPS Contract Campaign: A rank and file strategy — with Joe Allen and Howie Hawkins

The Teamsters-UPS Contract Campaign: A rank and file strategy — with Joe Allen and Howie Hawkins

November 5, 2022, Saturday — 6:30 pm ET; 3:30 pm PT — A Zoom webinar

Join us in a webinar discussion regarding the struggle for a new contract between the Teamsters and UPS (United Parcel Service).

The Teamster-United Parcel Service contract ends July 31, 2023, and the Teamsters union under a new administration of Sean O’Brien (President) and Fred Zuckerman (GST) are mobilizing for a renewed and greatly improved contract. UPS has made billions during the Covid epidemic. The current, five-year agreement is a national contract covering more than 350,000 Teamsters —the largest private collective bargaining agreement in the country.
How can the left work in support of the Teamsters in a rank and file approach? What is the rank and file strategy going forward in 2022-2023?

Joe Allen: a former Teamster, UPS and logistics industry worker, socialist, author, having worked in the Watertown, Mass. and Chicago, IL UPS shops, as well as Yellow Freight and others. He offers deep insight in the rank and file working conditions at UPS and of the logistics industry.
Read his book: The Package King: A Rank and File History of UPS

Howie Hawkins: is also a former UPS worker; a Green Party (U.S.) founder, activist, socialist and Green Party candidate. A member of the Socialist Party USA, TDU and the Green Party. Hawkins supports independent political action, and a rank and file organizing strategy in labor.

For further information, and to preregister, contact: Bill Shakalis, Labor Work Group Chair, Socialist Party USA 

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